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In 1962, a man by the name of Mace Davis decided to go into business for himself as a residential service plumber. Basing his business on hard work and quality customer service Mace quickly established a loyal customer base. Everyone knew they could trust "Davis the Plumber" to do an excellent job.


As the years went by the demand grew for good, honest plumbing services - so much so that Mace knew he couldn't do all the work by himself. It was time for a full staff. Davis the Plumber, now a household name, moved into the office at 6110 Menaul NE. As the company grew, more technicians were added to meet the growing demand. Mace even decided to extend his tradition of hard work and customer service into the heating and air conditioning field. By the mid 90's Davis the Plumber had 13+ technicians and 3 office staffers to keep up with them - all holding Mace's original goal of providing excellent customer service through honest hard work.


Today the company is in a new location and has a new manager, but Mace's original ideal still lives on through each of the services we offer. Come try us out and I'm sure you'll be pleased with the experience. Whether it's residential plumbing, heating, or cooling, I guarantee you'll receive excellent service through good ol' fashioned, honest hard work.

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