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See what people are saying about Davis the Plumber...

​(All testimonies are from Yelp, Google, and Angie's List and are unaltered)

"I've used Davis as my plumber for over 15 years. I stick with them because they do excellent work, but more importantly because they've always been honest. I woke to no hot water this a.m., the problem was fixed within 2 hours after calling them at considerably less than I expected to pay. Great business!!"
- Gary Q. (Yelp Review, 01/18)

They arrived on time for the estimate as well as for installation of our new furnace. They were professional and knowledgeable; the final price for the furnace matched the estimated price. The work was well done and completed quickly. Their quote was a little higher than the other quotes we obtained, but the brand of furnace they sold, a Trane, was better than that from the competitors we priced, and the trade off between quality and price seemed appropriate. They were the easiest to work with of the three companies we got quotes from, and the company we felt we had the most confidence in.
- Summer F. (Angie's List, 06/10)

Fantastic service from Davis the Plumber as always!  Davis the Plumber installed our furnace in 2002 and has been servicing it every year since, in addition to several plumbing issues over the years, new sink installation, new hot water tank. Several years back, while servicing the furnace, a gas leak in the nearby hot water tank was found, which could have had disastrous results.  New tank, completed installed and checked was installed the same day.  I can't recommend them enough! They provide prompt, quality, professional service and are extremely knowledgeable about servicing, new products, recommendations, etc.  If they ever decide to close up and retire, I don't know where I'll go! Highly recommend.  You can't go wrong with them.
- Sue J. (Angie's List, 09/14)

Boiler went out - no hot water and Davis the Plumber sent out a tech who found a moth incinerated at the pilot light, blocking the gas flow. Cleaned everything and did an overall maintenance check up. 

We (and our next door neighbor) use DTP for all of our plumbing needs - they are the best!
- Bridget B. (Angie's List, 12/14)

Davis the Plumber reviews heating cooling plumbing Albuquerque

I had somewhat of an emergency situation. I called and spoke with John. He took care of the situation immediately and did an excellent job. Highly recommended!
- Dave B. (Yelp Review, 04/19)

"All was repaired as requested. There was a problem with the lines to the washing machine(only hot water was coming through), turned out to be a kink in the supply line. They were quick to come out and fix it. Then, there was only cold water, but there was nothing to see as to why, suggested a washing machine repairman. Somehow, on the next wash, it self-repaired."

- Ronald P. (Angie's List, 06/18)

I got estimates from 5 companies.  Davis came in 4th in price.  I had done my homework on brands and furnace types, and Mark didn't try to sell me something I didn't want, as one company had.  They arrived on time and finished at the estimated time, cleaning up everything before leaving.  When I phoned the following day to report the kitchen hot/cold were reversed, they responded quickly and fixed it. 
Very happy with all work.

- Mary J. (Angie's List, 12/11)

Worked with Mark Kilgore from the beginning to end.  Our house was built in the early 1950's and the furnace/hot water tank were in the same small closet.  In order to upgrade our house, we wanted to have a good quality furnace/AC unit and replace the swamp cooler.  As part of the process, due to code (space requirements), we replaced the hot water tank with a tankless water system. The process took 3 days to complete, and the installers were all professional.  From what I could tell, this was not a "easy" install as the closet was small, and they needed to a bit of custom work.  As part of the process, we upgraded the power outside, and his contract person was also professional and worked within the bounds of the limited space on the outside of the house. The city inspector found a few issues which they resolved that day, but we had to wait until the next day for the inspector to check on the corrections.  overall, a good process. 

- Steve M. (Angie's List, 07/13)

Bad clog, another plumbing company charged more and came out twice and didn't fit the clog. Davis the plumber came in fixed it, charged less and it has been fine.
- Adam D. (Angie's List, 04/17)

Great. Wish I'd hired these guys when I had the system installed. Went with a lower bid and have regretted it ever since. You do get what you pay for.

- James P. (Angie's List, 01/17)

Steve came and fixed our washer machine drain pipe. I called Friday and they were here first thing Monday morning. Steve was nice and professional. Highly recommended! Thank you

- Savanna Y. (Google, 05/19)

"He is my plumber. I was using him before I became a member of Angie’s List. He seems reasonable  and professional. He doesn’t try to rip me off. He is honest and personable. I would absolutely continue 
to use him in the future"

- Jack M. (Angie's List, 04/12)

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